Case Study: Commercial energy reduction solution – Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop

Case Study: Commercial energy reduction solution – Fish ‘n’ Chip shop


The fish ‘n’ chip takeaway shop is very busy. It operates 7 days a week in the evening and on Thursday to Sunday, the shop is open for lunch. 

Belenus Pty Ltd was approached by the owner to see if we could help reduce their ever increasing energy bill which was around $2000 per month.  An energy audit of the business revealed four areas where we could make a significant impact on the business.

The property contained fluorescent and incandescent lighting that could be changed for LED fittings.

A large cool room and similar sized freezer room could be re-gassed with hydrocarbon refrigerants to improve efficiency.

The large kitchen extraction system could be operated via a VSD to improve efficiency.

A solar array could be added to the roof to produce electricity.


We use the latest LED and sensor technology from our trusted manufacturers.  There is a huge variety of product on the market, but the lighting failure rate is one of our biggest priorities.  Our strong relationships with the manufacturers built up over time allows us to offer the best product at a competitive price.  All the products we install carry a manufacturer’s warranty for a minimum of 4 years.

By changing the current lighting to LED we reduced the annual lighting consumption from 2557.52 KWH to 1260.23 KWH which was a saving of 1297.29 KWH or $501.53 year.

We could also assist in lowering the energy consumption of the current refrigeration/freezer systems by re-gassing it with new hydrocarbon refrigerant.  This process also mean that the systems gets a full service and overhaul at the time of re-gassing.  An added bonus! The hydrocarbon refrigerant is significantly more efficient than the current gas used.  It allows the compressors to operate at a much lower pressure which uses less electricity and lessens the wear and tear on the equipment. 

To get an accurate picture that we are confident with we would need to log the consumption over a period of time before and after the work to the refrigeration/freezer systems had being carried out.  We can accurately say that against the current refrigerant, we would confidently see an electricity consumption reduction of 30% on those two pieces of equipment.

On the extraction fans, Belenus Pty Ltd can reduce the consumption from 7245 KWH to 3000KWH a saving of 4245 KWH or $1641.12 per year simply by putting a variable speed drive on the existing 3 phase extraction.

“We are passionate about reducing then producing as much renewable energy as we can for everyone.”

Mark Taylor, Business Development Manager, Energy Consultant

After reducing their consumption as much as is possible, Belenus Pty Ltd wants to produce as much feasible energy through solar.  It was proposed that Belenus Pty Ltd would install a 14.91 KW solar array that would produce 21400 KWH per year.

Belenus Pty Ltd was able to reduce the fish ‘n’ chip shops energy demands by between 120 and 140 KWH per day by simply changing out the lighting to LEDs, re-gassing the refrigerators and adding a variable speed drive to the extraction fan.  This would reduce the daily charge from $64.90 to between $24.25 and $30.02. What a saving!

With the addition of a solar panel system, the fish ‘n’ chip shop would significantly reduce their energy bills instantly as well as being socially responsible by helping the environment.

The environmental impact per year, for the fish ‘n’ chip shop, would be 34,165 KG’s of Co2 saved and 164 trees offset.


The cost to complete all of the above works the total cost labour, materials and plant hire would be $36,900 + GST with a return on investment payback period of 3 years and 2 months.

If this renewable energy plan was financed, based on a 5 year repayment plan, the monthly repayments would be $764.61 + GST.  The savings on the electricity bill per month would be a minimum of $1058.03, so these would more than cover the repayments.

What people are saying

Colin – Riverton

Greg helped us when our solar system stopped working. He was very helpful and knowledgeable on solar and I was surprised how much there was to know about upgrading our system, but also to keep within the rebate rules. I believe that due to Greg’s knowledge we got great value with the repairs, and his installation staff were very polite. We also discussed the future with regards to addition of batteries, and we will be using Greg again in the near future when the time and pricing is right with battery systems, with Greg helping us with load draw monitoring and designing a system to suit.

Colin - Riverton

Russell – South Guildford

The whole procedure and service was exceptional. Professional and courteous from the office and tradesmen. No mess and always ready to answer follow up questions. I would always recommend these guys.

Russell - South Guildford

Libby – Mount Richon

They were quick, thorough and very pleasant and honest people to have working at my home.

Libby - Mount Richon

Peter – Haynes

We have had the team from Belenus out to our house a number of times. Each time we have used Belenus they have been fast, neat and finished the job with minimal fuss. Their advice on solar was spot on and competitively priced. I would recommend them for any electrical job, big or small.

Peter - Haynes

Giulio Petrucci

Good friendly service. Neat and tidy. I would recommend Belenus to anyone who is interested  in installing solar panels at their place. 100% happy , satisfied. Job well done . Thankyou to the Belenus team.

Lesley – East Victoria Park

I have had a number of small jobs completed at home and I’ve found Greg & his team at Belenus Pty Ltd easy and a pleasure to deal with.  I highly recommend them.

Debbie – partiesforfriends and fyieverybodycooks, Haynes

The team at Belenus Pty Ltd are fantastic.  Nothing I asked for was a problem and when I threw them a curve ball about having a black powerpoint, it was a case of “we’ll just have to order it in”.  By installing our solar panel system, Belenus Pty Ltd has helped us start to meet our social responsibilities in relation to the environment as well as save the businesses money on our energy bills.

Debbie Harrison

Palmers – Dianella

Recently we decided it was time we had solar installed. On a recommendation we contacted BELENUS PTY LTD.  We spoke to a young man called Greg who owned the company.  He paid us a visit explained the solar system in a manner we could understand.  Quoted us a price which was reasonable and comparable with other companies.  Once the installation commenced we were delighted with the speed and efficiency.  The young workmen they sent to install the panels etc. were clean working and very obliging.  The work was completed with no disruption to our daily routine. We would not hesitate to recommend Belenus to anyone wanting to install solar.  A big thank you fellows!

Palmers of Dianella